Youth Hip Hop Styles (Levels 1, 2, Advanced)


Hip Hop dance is part of the Hip Hop subculture which includes music, dance, and arts. Hip hop dates back to the late 1960’s in the South Bronx when DJ’s held gatherings and included large dance breaks in their music sets. This allowed for dancers without formal training to showcase their natural instincts for movement. Dancers, often called B-boys and B-girls, performed on the street at dance gatherings in public. With the continuation of the culture and movements specific choreography and styles were coined such as breaking, popping, and locking. With the formalization of the style, the competitive and innovative nature persisted through dance battles, cyphers, and pop culture.


AGES 8-12

Youth Hip Hop Styles 1 is a class in foundational hip hop and street dance styles. This class focuses on understanding and practicing the elements behind breaking, whacking, house dancing, popping and locking.

Youth Hip Hop Styles 2 A full year of Youth Hip Hop Styles 1 (or equivalent training) is required to join Youth Hip Hop Styles 2. This class continues on advancing techniques learned in the prior level.

Youth Hip Hop Styles Advanced  Registration for this class comes through recommendation by teacher or invitation only. An advanced class for youth hip hop dancers who have trained for at least two years. Foundations of class curriculum include more complex elements of breaking, whacking, house dancing, popping and locking.


Students must wear comfortable and moveable clothing. No skirts or dresses. Clean gym shoes. Hair pulled away from face.


Registration required, repeatable. One class per week.

To register, dancer must turn 8 before October 1st 2022



"My daughters have been dancing at Dovetail for a few years. The teachers are great and they’ve really enjoyed the ballet and hip hop classes offered. I’m so impressed with the studio’s adaptability during the pandemic. "

"Jordan is such a great teacher! He keeps my kid engaged and he's always excited to come back each week! We've really enjoyed watching him grow as a dancer. "