Youth Jazz


Alongside the birth of jazz music, came jazz dance. Jazz dance has its roots in African traditional dances brought to America by enslaved African peoples. Choreography quickly merged 19th and 20th century stage dance and traditional Black American social dances. Traditionally jazz was a form of social dance, commonly seen in ballrooms and in swing dancing. On the stage, a variety of techniques morphed into the beloved jazz dance technique through popular vaudeville acts and Broadway shows. Through dancers such as Katherine Dunham, Gus Giordano, and Bob Fosse, jazz quickly became a technical form of dance that was to be formally studied. Jazz dance thrives on the stage and is characterized by isolated movements, syncopated rhythm in the body, and stage presence


AGES 7-10

Youth Contemporary Jazz is a class where students learn the basics of Contemporary Jazz technique. Students will practice coordination of arms and legs, isolations, and other fundamentals of jazz technique.


White shirt, black pants and bare feet OR black leotard, black tights (shorts allowed over tights). Jazz shoes are required. Hair must be pulled out of face into a ponytail or bun.


Registration required. One class per week. We recommend that dancers take a ballet class in addition to contemporary jazz

To register, dancer must turn 7 before October 1st 2022


"My child loves her jazz class! She's usually pretty shy but this class has helped her come out of her shell and be more confident!"

Youth Contemporary

Ages 7-10

Modern/contemporary dance is attributed to a rejection of Ballet’s structure and precision. Historically, the birth of Modern dance is credited to American dance performers Isadora Duncan and Ruth St. Denis in the mid 19th century. Modern dance forever changed dance technique; bringing the body horizontal to the floor, bending feet and limbs in non-traditional ways, and including regional dance movements from the black diaspora in the Americas and Caribbean (Katherine Dunham). To this day Modern dance breaks boundaries, addresses contemporary issues, and allows for expression and free form. The modern dance pioneers include Jose Limon, Lester Horton, Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham, Katherine Dunham and Doris Humphrey. Contemporary uses these techinques as a base but extends beyond them.

Dress Code

Black leotard or shirt, black tights or leggings. Bare feet. Hair pulled our of face.

Registration required. One class per week.

To register for this class, dancer must turn 7 by February 1st 2022.


"Miss Katie is awesome! My child and I didn't exactly know what modern dance was before we signed her up but we made the right choice! The movement is so flowy compared to ballet and my daughter loves it!"