Youth Ballet (Ages 7 - 10)


Ballet originated in the Italian renaissance courts of the 15th century, where elite members of society were treated to a spectacle of dance and music.Transitioning from the court, to the opera, and then to the stage by the late 18th century, ballet began to stand on its own as an art form. By the 19th century, ballet began to look like what we see today; dancers in pointe shoes, narrative storylines, and ethereal athleticism. Ballet is a classical style of dance that is characterized by graceful movement, balance and symmetry, precision of movement, and a codified classical technique.

Youth Ballet 1 is a foundational class in classical ballet. This class focuses on learning proper feet and leg positions, placement and alignment of the body and arm (port de bras), jumps and pirouettes.

Youth Ballet 2: A full year of Youth Ballet 1 (or equivalent) is required to join Youth Ballet 2.

Youth Ballet 3: A full year of Youth Ballet 2 (or equivalent) is required to join Youth Ballet 3.


Light blue leotard, pink tights OR white shirt, black leggings or tights. Ballet shoes are required. Hair must be pulled into a bun.

Registration required, repeatable. One class per week.

To register, dancer must turn 7 before October 1st 2022



"My boys have been taking class at Dovetail for a few years now. They love being at the studio. They love their teachers. As a parent I couldn’t ask for anything more. Thank you Dovetail for teaching dance with passion and giving my boys the gift of dance."

"My daughter just started ballet there a few weeks ago & I have nothing but great things to say about this studio. I have a very active child and she wanted to try ballet. I wanted a place that was convenient and will really challenge her. She goes there excited and comes home happy and talking about ballet and all the things she's learning. Everyone there is friendly and welcoming. They also have fitness classes there. I should really try that. They make it look so fun. I highly recommend Dovetail!"