Descendants Broadway Stars (Age 7-13)

Broadway Stars provides growing actors with an immersive musical theatre experience. From the first day to the final performance, they will learn to shine. This Fall, we are doing ANNIE!

Every child will be assigned a named role and have a chance to shine. With the guidance of an experienced teaching artist, actors will memorize lines, sing solos, and learn hip-hop style musical theatre choreography to bring the story of Descendants to life on stage. Families will be provided with instructions for how to assemble a costume for the final performance, which will take place at Dovetail Studios.

Thursdays and Fridays, details announced soon.

Recommended Requisite: Musical Theatre Dance at Dovetail Studios.

To register, dancer must turn 7 before October 1st 2022

Youth Acting

AGES 8-12

Take the stage and become a playwright all in one class! Youth Acting students will perform scenes, monologues, and songs in addition to creating characters and sets for their own plays. Learning the foundations of acting and performing in an all-in-one acting class.


Students must wear comfortable and moveable clothing. No skirts or dresses. Clean gym shoes. Hair pulled away from face.


Registration required, repeatable. One class per week.

To register, dancer must turn 7 before October 1st 2022



"My daughter is loving the youth acting class! She looks forward to attending every week, and I love to see her so happy afterward!"

"My child always comes out of class talking about what they worked on that day. The teacher helps cultivate their creativity while also teaching them how to work within structure as well!"

Musical Theatre Dance


Musical Theatre dance is a specific style that branched off of specific jazz. Such a broad array of techniques allowed for specific dance designed for Theatre performances. The intricate style that separates Musical Theatre Dance from other dance techniques were inspired by early 20th century American theater acts including The Ziegfeld Follies, and Show Boat. Well known choreographers such as Bob Fosse and Jerome Robbins believed dance could tell a story and emphasize the theatrical experience, which led to the technicalities of musical theater dance. In this style dancers often wear soft soled shoes and engage in the role of a character while performing.


AGES 8-12

Youth MT Dance 1 is a sharp and fast-paced dance style that incorporates specific jazz technique with the big stages of broadway in mind! This class teaches rhythm and timing as well as builds strength and coordination. Youth MT Dance 1 is a class for beginner dancers who are interested in dancing along to tunes from their favorite musicals.

Youth MT Dance 2 A full year of Youth MT Dance 1 (or equivalent) is required to join Youth MT Dance 2. This class continues on advancing techniques learned in the prior level. Focus on more complex combinations, footwork, and musicality make Youth MT Dance 2 a more advanced class.

Youth MT/Tap 1 Tap is huge part of Musical Theatre Dance, and this class hones in on the specifics of Tap technique within the Broadway world. Youth MT/Tap 1 is a beginner level class for students who are interested in the long-time relationship between Tap and Musical Theatre Dance.


Black leotard, black tights or shorts, jazz & tap shoes.

Black t-shirt, black pants, jazz & tap shoes


Registration required. One class per week. It is reccommended to take ballet alongside MT Dance.

To register for this class, dancer must turn 8 by October 1st 2022



"My daughter has so much fun in her musical theater dance class! She loves Ms. Mollyanne who is a wonderful teacher and always has a smile on her face!"

"This class looks like I would have loved when I was my child's age! She's always so tired and happy afterward!"