Summer Classes 2023

Summer is the time for vacations, summer camp, pool time but it’s also a great time to dive into dance classes. Dancers aren’t loaded with homework or other school functions so it’s an opportunity to immerse oneself in dance.

This year we are experimenting with our summer schedule. You will notice that many of the summer classes meet twice week or even every day for one to two consecutive weeks. This approach is to give dancers the opportunity to return to what they are learning on a consistent basis. Professional dancers in companies and in the commercial world take class or rehearse 5-6 days per week.This repetition aids learning, muscle memory and builds confidence. Our new structure allows for deeper learning and also gives dancers and families a chance to embrace more of their summer without sacrificing dance. We are trying to get the same value in a condensed time frame.

Don’t worry, some of the summer classes will also have the option to meet once a week for a five week period. We know there are different strokes for different folks! Our Adult classes will be meeting in two sessions: Session A and Session B which are each for 4 weeks.

Dovetail is also offering some fabulous workshops like Pop Diva Superstar, Breaking Workshop, Musical Theatre Intensive and Competition Prep Workshop.