Special Events

At Dovetail Studios we host special events each month. These special events are workshops that can cater towards adults and teens alike.  You can dip your toe into different styles of hip hop or attend Dance Temple and find the joy of pure movement. They are a way for you to get a taste of dance in your life and find your niche within the huge world of dance!

Dance Temple - April 28th at 7:30pm

Dance Temple will begin with an intention setting warm up to prepare the body to be set free, followed by 30 minutes of mindful freestyle moving meditation dance and ending with a classic yoga savasana and reflection.

Anyone can join the Dance Temple because there are no steps to follow and no external expectations. The Higher Self knows the steps, and once awakened, Spirit takes over. It is a journey out of your head and into your heart and body.


Friday April 28th at 7:30pm

Live Music


The Sessions: Breaking and Hip Hop 

Are you ready to take your dance to another level?
In this unique class Lead by Chicago’s legendary Omega, you will be exposed to the culture that has produced some of the most influential artists ever.  With the fundamental styles of Hiphop & Breaking. You will tap in to the roots of the dance form, learn the  Dynamics & technicality of Breaking combined with the Hard hitting & bold movements of Hiphop!
April 7-28th, Fridays 7:30pm
$60.00 for registration of session or $20.00 per drop-in
Ages 12 and up