Private Lessons and small groups


Specialized one-on-one training in a private lesson allows for full attention on your student. Working individually with one of our teachers is a fast track to reaching your goals and sharpening your technique. Private lessons build confidence through extra training time, finding your strengths, and exacting specific training focuses.

Private lessons are booked on a first come, first serve basis. The pricing bracket is higher than session classes, due to the specialized and individualized focus it takes to run a private lesson. Privates are available in any dance style and training level that Dovetail offers.



Does your dancer learn best in a smaller group environment? Looking to stay true to your COVID-19 pod? Dovetail allows small groups and COVID-19 concious dance pods to book a teacher for class.

Form a pod with 4-9 dancers, choose a dance style offered by Dovetail, and we’ll help set up the studio space, the instructor, and the timeframe.

Small group and dance pod reservations are first come, first serve and based upon studio availability and safety protocols.

Contact Studio Director Joanna Read at [email protected] for more information.