Melissa Metro

Bodybuilding at 10 and studying classical ballet at 15, Melissa Metro had an interest in health at an early age. By the time she was 16, she danced for an amateur ballet company, JHD1511, Ascension, and various Chicago choreographers. She also began teaching dance-based fitness classes in Chicago at Women’s Workout World. Upon moving to Philadelphia, Melissa concentrated on studying the Horton/Graham based modern techniques, classical ballet, contemporary ballet, jazz and hip/hop at the University of the Arts. She has trained with and/or danced for LINES ballet, Complexions, Ron K. Brown, Joel Hall, Paul Sansasardo, Kirby Reed, Moncel Durden, Kip Martin, Zane Booker, Tara Foy, Don Bellamy, Donald Williams and Illedelph Legends like Clyde Evans, Rennie Harris, Flukey Luke, B-Boy Y-not, Tweety, Spex, Stretch, Zen One, J-Spin, Cricket and Brian Green. Melissa danced as a guest artist for Illstyles and Peace Productions, for Smoke Lilies and Jade and apprenticed with Chosen Dance Company. She has earned a degree in dance from the University of the Arts, and has fitness certifications in Aerobics and Yoga. Upon returning to Chicago she has danced for Joel Hall, Boogie McClarin and as an independent hiphop artist. She has also just begun to dance as a guest artist for Chicago Dance Crash.