Winter Session Dates

Session Dates: January 15th - June 2nd
Spring Break: April 2nd - 15th (two weeks)
Memorial Day: May 29th

What’s my level placement?

Our general protocol for level placement is that a dancer must complete one full year (Fall & Winter session) of Level 1 to move up to Level 2, etc.

Please note, you must still follow our age guidelines for each class:

To join Tiny Tots, dancer must turn 3 by or before Feb 1 2023

To join Pre classes, dancer must turn 5 by or before Jan 1 2023

To join Youth classes, dancer must turn 7 by or before Jan 1 2023

Winter 2023 Payment

You have two options of payment for this session:

  1. paid in full, or
  2. paying a deposit of 50% at registration and the second portion two months later.

Winter 2023 Class Pricing

We stand by our incredibly talented instructors and firmly believe in providing a living wage for each, even in times of crisis. And during the COVID-19 pandemic, artists have been the hardest hit with very little support from local and national agencies. Our pricing reflects our belief in supporting the hard work of these instructors and the extra energy that goes into providing safety measures for everyone connected to Dovetail.

45 min class = $21/class

60 min class = $24/class

75 min class = $27/class

Adult 60 min class = $18/class

Adult 75 min class = $20/class

Can I make up a missed class?

Yes. To schedule a makeup class, please email [email protected]. All makeups must be completed by May 1st 2023. There are only 4 make ups allowed per session. And dancers must makeup in a class of a similar level or age group.

Refund Policy

There are no refunds of any kind after the Winter session begins on January 15th 2023. Transferring classes will be very limited and must happen within the first two weeks of the session start.

Dress Code Requirements

For all classes, a strict dress code is required.

Will there be a recital this year?

Yes! Recital will be on June 3rd at Von Steuben.

We also have a Battle for Hip Hop students on June 4th at Dovetail Studios

Our Statement on Equality

Dovetail Studios believes in the fair, equal and dignified treatment of every living person. It is our highest goal to make our school an inclusive space for learning, teaching and artistic expression. We continue strive for a space that embraces all the cultures, colors and orientations that make our society a vibrant and joyful place to live. We stand behind those that are fighting to rectify the inequality of this country and vow to support and listen to the voices that need to be heard.

How to buy items (leotards, shoes, etc) from the store

When you would like to purchase an item from the store you can do the following:

  • email us at [email protected] to see if we have it in stock/have the order processed
  • give us a call at 872 - 208 - 6169 to see if we have it in stock/have the order processed
  • come to the studio 20 minutes before class starts or when the studio is open to inquire

Thanks so much!