We are following the Chicago COVID Safety Guidelines for Health & Fitness Centers.

Our COVID Safety Procedures

as of January 11th 2022


Dovetail Studios is following the safety guidelines set forth by the state of Illinois for in-person dance classes. These protocols are based on the safety guidelines set forth by the city of Chicago and can change along with them. Because of this ever-evolving process, the measures set forth are not based on a date-centric timeline.

FOLLOWING CHICAGO COVID GUIDELINES: all students, regardless of vaccination status must wear a mask at all times while in the building.

Moving forward, we are asking anyone who is vaccinated over the age of 5 to show a smart health card from the IDPH including parents who will be staying in our lobby while they wait for their children in class. You can go to IDPH to get a smart health card and download it on your phone for us to scan. This will be a one time occurrence so we can note it on our system.

Please stay up to date with us as new guidelines are passed down from city leadership. We thank you in advance for remaining patient and supportive during this time.

Preparation for Classes

  • Cleaning procedures are in-depth and follow safety guidelines.
  • Currently, classes are all in-person at this time.
  • In-person class numbers will be limited and requires early registration.
  • A maximum amount of people in the building and in the classroom with be adhered to at all times.
  • Each classroom is equipped with a cleaning station.
  • Starting June 2021, temperature checks will no longer be taken at the door.
  • Exhaust fans will be turned on in every studio to help with air circulation.
  • Hand sanitizer will be readily available in communal areas.

New Protocols for Students and Families 

  • Dancers must sanitize their hands immediately when the enter the building and immediately after class ends.
  • For all students: parents or guardians can come into the building as long as they can show proof of vaccination which they can show at the front desk or upload here: Vaccination Card Upload
  • Please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to class start time.
  • Dancers are required at all times to wear a mask during class and in the building.
  • Dancers must wear their dance attire upon arrival. The bathrooms are not for changing.
  • Water fountain is open but we recommend to bring a water bottle for safety. Please bring a water bottle with you. Fill up can occur in kitchen the sink.
  • Dancers must maintain the social distancing standard of 6 feet from others while in the building.
  • New procedure will be posted on our front door and required to be followed at all times.
  • All changes and additions to safety and reopening procedures will be emailed out and posted.

New Protocols for Staff and Teachers      

  • All staff and teachers will be wearing a face covering when inside the building.

  • All staff and teachers will be trained on safety and cleaning procedures.

  • Front desk staff schedules will be spread out to reduce cross-over.

  • Staff and teachers will clean classrooms and communal spaces after each class concludes.

  • All communal props will be added back into classes and cleaned thoroughly in between teachers.

  • Ballet barres will be cleaned before and after every class by teachers and staff.

Safety During COVID-19  

  • If you are feeling sick in any way, you MUST stay home. Makeups will be allowed as long as you communicate with Dovetail staff immediately. Please email or call.

  • COVID-19 is a highly contagious disease that is spread via droplets to the nose, mouth and eyes. Close proximity to other people, raises your risk for exposure. Choosing to attend classes at Dovetail Studios during this time assumes your understanding and acceptance of these risks.

  • If you or your dancer does test positive for COVID-19 and has been within the Dovetail building, you must inform Dovetail staff immediately so we can begin emergency cleaning measures and connect with the CDC on guidelines.