Adult Contemporary Class: Session Information

Fall Session:

Session B: October 24th - December 23rd

Thanksgiving Break: November 21 - 26

Winter Session Dates
Session A:  Jan 15 - April 1 (11 weeks)

Session B: April 16 - June 3 (7 weeks)

Registration for the full session is required! Open enrollment, pro rated after session start date.

Adult Contemporary Dance Class

Adult Contemporary: Beginner is for dancers who are new to the Modern dance technique. This class teaches dancers the curvature of the spine, how to move in and out of the floor safely, and cardiovascular locomotion.


Comfortable clothing required and bare feet.

Registration required, repeatable. One class a week

Modern Dance History

Modern dance is attributed to a rejection of Ballet’s structure and precision. Historically, the birth of Modern dance is credited to American dance performers Isadora Duncan and Ruth St. Denis in the mid 19th century. Modern dance forever changed dance technique; bringing the body horizontal to the floor, bending feet and limbs in non-traditional ways, and including regional dance movements from the black diaspora in the Americas and Caribbean (Katherine Dunham). To this day Modern dance breaks boundaries, addresses contemporary issues, and allows for expression and free form. Modern dance is comprised of several different codified techniques: Limon, Horton, Dunham, Cunningham, and Graham. Contemporary dance takes these codified modern dance techniques and blends them together, and adds a bit of a twist to them as well.

Professional Contemporary Dance Classes

To see what professional contemporary dance classes we currently offer - please go to our "professional dance" section linked below.