To register for Youth classes this session, dancer must turn 7 y.o. between Jan - March 2019.

New Students click here for enrollment information.

Youth Ballet (multiple levels)

Youth Ballet (ages 7-10) is a foundational class in classical ballet. This class will focus on learning feet and leg positions, placement and alignment of the body and arm (port de bras), jumps and pirouettes. Light blue leotard, pink tights and ballet shoes are required. Boys must wear a white shirt, black tights, leggings or black shorts, and ballet shoes. NO SKIRTS!!! Hair should be pulled away from face. Registration required, repeatable. One class per week. Purchase your leotard and tights at our storefront.




Youth Hip Hop (multiple levels)

Youth Hip Hop (ages 7-12) combines hip hop foundations/technique with trendy hip hop choreography. Foundations includes elements of breaking, whacking, house dancing.

Once students have completed Youth Hip Hop 1, they may advance to Youth Hip Hop 2. Clean gym shoes, comfortable clothing required. Hair must be pulled back and secured away from face.




Youth Breaking (multiple levels)

Youth Breaking (ages 7-12) is an introduction of the skills of break dancing. Students will work on physical conditioning to gain strength to master the coolest moves and learn how to cypher and dance battle. Once students have earned teacher permission they may advance to Youth Breaking 2. Clean gym shoes, comfortable clothing required. Hair must be pulled away from face and secured.




Youth Jazz

Youth Jazz (ages 7-12) teaches foundations of the jazz dance vocabulary set to fun, upbeat kids bop music. Warm ups, across the floor and  fun combinations make this class a winner.  Dancers can wear white leotards and black leggings with either ballet shoes or jazz shoes. Boys can wear a white t-shirt and black leggings or sweat pants. Registration required . Repeatable.




Youth Tap (muliple levels)

Youth Tap (ages 7-10) is an introduction to basic exercises and routines that develop rhythm, coordination, and conditioning. This class is also for those who want to brush up on their basic tap skills and prefer to move at a slow and easy pace. Registration required, repeatable.




Youth Musical Theatre

Youth Musical Theatre (ages 7-12) is a sharp and fast-paced technique that incorporates jazz technique with the big stages of broadway in mind. This class teaches rhythm and timing, as well as, builds strength and coordination with music from the biggest shows!. Registration required, repeatable.




Youth Tumbling

Youth Tumbling (ages 8-12) is a beginning tumbling class that will introduce students to basic rolls and backbends, increase flexibility, and begin steps for cartwheels and flips. Students will go barefoot and may wear leotard and footless tights or athletic shorts and tops. Registration required; repeatable. Those that register for a dance class in conjunction with tumbling will receive a discount on the tumbling class.




Youth Ballet/Trainee Program (by audition only)

Dovetail Studios’ Trainee Program is meant for children (ages 7-12) who love to dance and want to focus on ballet technique in an accelerated way. The type of child that the trainee program is designed for is those who have a high interest in dance, great focus, attention to detail as well as natural ability. Those in the trainee program will be required to meet twice a week for ballet class, 70 minutes per class. Classes will be augmented with character dancing which enhances rhythm and performance as well as basic tumbling. Students are encouraged to register for other classes outside the ballet technique including tap, musical theatre and hip hop, if they so choose. The students will be grouped according to ability and experience and work with their cohort as they progress through the program. Our mission is to train dancers using a wholistic approach in a joyous and supportive environment. Two days per week required.


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